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*please contact for pricing*


Our Full Service Planning is perfect for couples who want us to hold their hand throughout the entire wedding planning process. We will help you plan end-to-end logistics from budgeting, choosing a venue, event design, finalizing all vendors, rehearsal, and day-of coordination. This allows you to breathe, relax and enjoy this incredible journey with family and friends leading up to the big day, which ultimately leads you to having the best day ever! 


Our Partial Planning service is for couples who want "amazing" to happen when it comes to having a customized design for their wedding day, but also have confidence that they have the time to plan and book the key vendors (i.e. venue, catering, photographer) separately leading up to the final months of the wedding. This service starts 3 months prior to the event date and includes professional assistance with event design, logistics, vendor referrals, and day-of coordination. 


Our Day-of Coordination is for couples who have planned everything on their own, but would like further help with the final touches and logistics of the wedding day a month prior so that they can relax and enjoy their big day. We'll meet virtually or in-person to create a timeline according to your wedding program and contact and confirm all of the vendors you booked 2-4 weeks prior to the big day. Then on your wedding day, we'll execute your wedding day according to the timeline and details we discussed thoroughly. *No planning or design is involved in the day-of coordination service. 


Whether it's here in sunny Southern California or at a worldwide location of your choice, we can help you create your dream destination wedding! We love to travel and we specialize in designing weddings styled uniquely to you. Let us help you customize the details of the wedding of your dreams!


We plan and coordinate all types of events no matter how big or small. Whether you want full service, planning + design, or day-of coordination, we can customize it to fit the size, needs, and location of your Social or Corporate event. We love to curate custom events with a clear branding concept that will impress you and all of your guests!


We love celebrations such as 100-day celebration, Dohls (first birthdays), and other fun parties that will be full of special moments between you and your little one. You can trust us to put together all of the little details to create an unforgettable custom event!


From wedding centerpieces to bridal bouquets and floral arches, we also offer custom floral arrangements and installations outside of our planning and coordination services. Using primarily California-grown ingredients, we specialize in creating boutique, one-of-a-kind florals with an emphasis in whimsical and asymmetrical designs. 

*please contact for pricing*

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